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We have said it before and we say it again, our business is all about service. The best sculpture in the world means absolutely nothing if it is not serviced from start to finish by people who know what they are doing. 

Iceculture offers a spectrum of services for all types of customers: 

Custom Designs

The Iceculture design team is at your disposal.  After reviewing your vision with you, the team works from a detailed brief to create a sculpture ideally suited to the occasion.


CNC Design Programming

Iceculture has a team of qualified programmers who create and tool path the files for the CNC operators in the freezer studio.

The team is also adept in creating original artwork and providing support to the design department. We have helped many other ice carving and event companies in achieving new designs. If you are in the ice business and you need some assistance, look towards Iceculture for a helping hand.


Logistics for delivery of your order anywhere in the world

We know we have high quality products and we are fully aware they are only as good as the service that delivers them. That is why we are serious about our service and proud of our Event Team.

Iceculture is one of the very few ice companies in the world employing a professional, well trained, friendly and courteous event team that is highly trained and competent in:

  • customer service
  • dry ice handling
  • ice carving and product knowledge
  • MMTO guideline and logbook training
  • ice trouble shooting (solutions to on-site challenges)
  • defensive driving
  • power tool use and maintenance

And you can’t miss our event guys either – they are always dressed in a black uniform featuring the company logo.

Iceculture operates provincially, nationally and internationally and develops the best service to match our customers’ needs. Our customer service representatives will include this service as part of your personalized proposal. The following delivery service options are available to you:

  • Freezer drop: Your sculpture is securely packaged and delivered to your freezer ahead of time. Delivery is arranged by our event team or through a contracted transport company, depending on location. 
  • Timed set-up: We make it easy for you. Our event team arrives on-site at a pre-determined time to handle the responsibility of installing the sculpture before guests arrive. 
  • Breakdown: After the event, our event team will return to breakdown the sculpture and dispose of the ice. 
  • Maintenance: Some events are longer than others and the ice sculpture may require some maintenance. Our team will check back as requested to check on the ice.
  • Shipping: Iceculture has a dedicated shipping staff which sources the most cost-effective way of delivering your product to your event. Contract shipping options include ground freezer transport, air cargo or overnight Fedex.


National Ice Programs for bulk order and custom designs

Whether or not it is a single sculpture to be delivered to a single location or several to be delivered to different locations, Iceculture has the experience to work to get the job done - on a provincial, national or international level.

The company has full-time personnel working on shipping ice all over the world. Staff are familiar with shipping logistics, customs procedures and all the paperwork required to make sure the product reaches its destination on time. Iceculture has the capability of producing high volumes of product and the resources to handle multiple events in different cities at the same time. 

For eight years, Iceculture has worked successfully with Ketel One vodka, a Dutch premium brand distributed by Diageo. The marketing program called for on-going service which required co-ordination and full service installation if ice bars and luges across North America and Hawaii.

Product is manufactured in our studio and shipped to the various cities across Canada and the United States where it is preserved in local storage until needed. Then the Iceculture operations team goes to work and travels to the location and sets-up the product, and later goes back to break it down at the end of the event. A dedicated Account Manager manages as much service as is necessary to ensure the overall success of the program.

The following is included in our programming package:

  •  Production of sculptures
  •  Custom design
  • Storage space
  • Event liability coverage
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations from production to event completion
  • Trained and competent staff, including an Account Manager
  • Custom design
  • Quality control from production to installation
  • Co-ordination of storage depot for space required in other centers that are involved with the program.


Education and Workshops 

Iceculture offers Level 1 and Advanced ice carving workshops for those wanting to learn the art. These hands-on courses are conducted with a minimum of six students during our off season – April to October.

Workshops are held at the Iceculture studio in Hensall and all the necessary equipment – reference books, chain saws, chisels, power tools and accessories, and the ice are provided. Students can buy tools after the successful completion of the workshop.  

For Advanced carving workshops, Iceculture brings in recognized master carvers to help out staff personnel.