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The ice lounge was a spin-off of the successful ice hotels which began in Sweden and then spread to Canada and the US and a little later, to other Scandinavian countries. The first ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi linked up with Absolut vodka and launched ice lounges – in Stockholm, Milan, London, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Oslo, to name a few.

Today, many ice companies have become involved with the concept and there are ice lounges or ice restaurants to be found around the world, some large, some small, but all promoting the ‘ice experience’, successfully.

Iceculture has designed and built ice lounges in many different countries, constructing the walls and interior components in a large freezer studio and then shipping everything in freezer containers to the destination. A trained set-up team completes the build on site in about seven days.

With more than 20 projects completed, Iceculture has a fine reputation for providing turnkey services for customers and is currently working on lounges for the Island of Rhodes in Greece and in India.

Addressing logistical, political and cultural issues at the same time as coping with the owner’s enthusiasm to include as much as possible in terms of interior design is a process the company deals with on a regular basis.

‘The rule of thumb is to use as much ice as necessary and as little as possible,’ says Iceculture President, Heidi Bayley. ‘We know from experience there is an optimum size for a lounge and if we go beyond that, we start influencing the bottom line – more ice means more maintenance and more money,’ she adds. 

There is a lot to be taken into account when building a successful ice lounge. Iceculture considers all the angles before settling on a design and you can be sure every detail will be covered by the design team when before creating a concept for a customer.