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Interactive Ice

Interactive ice displays add a fun factor to any event including special events, winter festivals and sport competitions. Iceculture has developed a number of activities for all ages that will guarantee peoples’ involvement - ice slides, photo opportunities, “ kiddie cubes” toys frozen in ice, games, mazes, carving demonstrations, team building and more! Programs can be designed and themed to suit your specific event.


Carving Demonstrations

Ice carving demonstrations are always popular for winter festivals, they are a dynamic addition to any special event and can be staged outdoors or under cover.

The sound of chainsaws and power tools and the sight of flying ice and snow attracts the attention of everyone. The art of creating a sculpture from such an interesting medium is an eye-opener for all ages.

Ranging from one-block carving demos to multi-block themed carvings, the possibilities are endless.


Interactive Activities


Tic Tac Toe

Play a game of ‘X’ and ‘O’s with ice. Visitors play with large ice game pieces that can be traditional shapes or custom designed.


Cool Canvasses

Kids enjoy being creative - turn them loose with washable hand paints and watch them make their own works of art on a wall of ice.


Ice Building Bricks

A great activity - for all ages. Small, 10lb ice bricks kids will keep the kids occupied for hours as they create their own ice castles.


Ice Mini Golf

Miniature golf with an icy twist! A carpeted putting surface is set up with ice sculptures as the obstacles. Sculptures are tailored to suit the event theme and offer organizers an opportunity to solicit sponsorships.


Ice Ring Toss

This game creates a competitive edge. Kids toss plastic rings onto a large themed sculpture. A sign board, illustrating the point value for each toss, is included.


Kiddie Ice Cubes

Kiddie Ice Cubes or Zoo Cubes as they are sometimes known make up one of our most popular activities and it ties in well with a carving demonstration. Iceculture freezes small inexpensive toys into our crystal clear ice blocks. The blocks are then cut into small cubes and given to children.


Ice Maze

Made to any size and built with clear or white ice blocks, an ice maze will be the centre of attraction. It can be themed with sculptures set up within the maze creating an element of discovery for visitors, and logos can be etched into the walls for sponsor features.


Ice Slide

This display is always a favorite with line-ups and loads of smiles. Iceculture has two standard sizes for the slide – 45ft or 38ft square. An incline of no more than 15 degrees gives children a lot of fun and a safe ride.


Interactive Photo Opportunity

Interactive ice sculptures are designed to invite a person to ‘step into’ the scene for a photograph for a memorable experience. From thrones to headless silhouettes, theme ideas to sponsored ice cars, the possibilities are endless.


Winter Carnivals

Few community events reflect the winter season as well as a winter festival. And many times, it gives a boost to the local economy when things are generally quiet. Count on Iceculture to create a successful community event, with more exciting ideas than you could ever imagine! Iceculture participates in more than twenty winter festivals each year and has many years experience combining skill, service and team spirit to help winter carnival volunteer committees, businesses, government groups and sponsors create a top notch ice festival experience. Our team of trained ice professionals work with event organizers to develop a complete program to suit the available budget. We know people like to participate in events, not simply watch them and our program elements include interactive activities (link to interactive activities), carving demonstrations (link to carving demos), sponsor logo sculptures (link to logos), large themed sculptures (link to sculptures), ice bars and lounges (link to ice bars), lumieres and more! If you want an exciting winter festival, turn to Iceculture.


Team Building

Team building has become a popular corporate activity. Fusing ice involves planning, task delegation, trouble-shooting and so on and it can be a challenge.

The aim is to build your abstract ice sculpture as high and as wide as possible without it toppling. And there is a bonus if you can actually make it look like something instantly recognizable.

Teams first learn the basics of handling ice and how to make a successful fuse. Then they are let loose, working together to demonstrate creativity in design and execution along with a competitive spirit.

The winning team attains its goals set as either the fastest time or the most creative sculpture, which is then judged. The group can then sit down to dinner with their creation on show as a table centrepiece.

Find out how cool ice-fusing can be. Put together a group of friends or business colleagues and have a lot of fun.

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