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CVENT Ignite Business Event Expo: 5 Hot Trade Show Booths

Posted by Wednesday, June 13, 2012 by Anne Thornley-Brown @executiveoasis on June 14, 2012

1. - 3. Caesars Windsor/IceCulture
Caesars WindsorTop picks are 3 booths incorporating ice that were presented by Caesars Windsor and Ice Culture located in Hensall, Ontario. IceCulture created ice sculptures for its own booth and the Caesars Windsor booth.

Tweets encouraged attendees to visit the booth for a chance to find a golden ticket. Gold highlights were incorporated into the sculptures and the sofa for meetings.

For The High/Low Challenge, a popular Ignite Magazine feature, Caesars Windsor and IceCulture teamed up to demonstrate how event planners can incorporate ice bars at different price points. The high option was for a cocktail reception and the low option was for a breakfast bar with morning snacks, fruit and morning "mocktails." The display was an excellent example of how imagination can help bridge the gap even if budgets are limited.

High/Low ChallengeHigh Low Challenge

24 Dec 2012


Win an Elegant Ice Bar for your wedding in2013! Read More

06 Dec 2012

Iceculture, Inc. Survives the Hot and Cold of the Economy

Iceculture, Inc. of Hensall, Ontario, is a recognized leader in creating ice design with a number of firsts to its credit, including ice beaded curtains, ice portraits and ice chandeliers. The company introduced CNC technology to the industry 12 years ago bringing centuries old art form into the 21st century. The company has designed and built custom equipment for ice carving such as their ice lathe.  Read More

14 Jun 2012

CVENT Ignite Business Event Expo: 5 Hot Trade Show Booths

Yesterday, Ignite Magazine unveiled its inaugural Ignite Business Event Expo in Toronto. Ignite Business Expo brought hosted buyers together with event and hospitality industry suppliers from around the world. (Check back as, later this week, the Cvent Blog will showcase some ideas from the trade shows that event planners can use immediately.) Our feature about the 10 coolest booths at IMEX Frankfurt 2012 generated so much excitement that, today, we thought it would be fun to showcase some of the hottest trade show booths at Ignite Business Event Expo. Read More

24 May 2012

8 Wacky Canadian Entrepreneurs - MSN Money

Canadians love ice in their drinks in the summer but hate it on their driveways and road in winter. We get too little of the former and too much of the latter. Julian Bayley and his family, however, turned making ice into an international export business. Read More

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