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Ice Tray Rentals and Purchases

Drip Trays & Accessories

Drip trays (soft plastic or hard acrylic) and any other necessary accessory can be purchased or rented with every ice sculpture. 
Customers may also purchase or rent other Iceculture equipment. 


Each plastic drip tray kit includes a clear soft plastic tray (various sizes as below), drainage hose, styrofoam riser with white fluorescent under light, and white corrugated paper trim. A coloured gel for the light is also available.

We offer four different sizes of clear plastic drip trays:

22-inch-x-16-inch-drip-tray                      26-inch-x-20-inch-drip-tray                      47-inch-x-14-inch-drip-tray
 22in x 16in     26in x 20in
   47in x 14in  

24in x 22in
  41in x 21in

Clear plastic drip trays can be linked together to match larger sculptures.



We inventory a wide selection of trays and accessories available for rent. Custom acrylic equipment is also available for purchase.


Acrylic Tabletop Trays

Acrylic tabletop trays are an alternative to the plastic drip tray. Each tray includes acrylic risers, insert and battery-operated  light or fluorescent light riser.

We offer a selection of sizes of acrylic trays as follows:

21x21-acrylic-tray        21in x 21in x 5in high                      26-inch-x26-inch-acrylic-tray       26in x 26in x 12in high
20-x-40-acrylic-tray   40in x 20in x 4.5in high        

Leftpiece Trays 

Each leftpiece tray includes an insert and battery-operated light.

16x16-acrylic-cp-tary   Acrylic (clear or frosted)  
10in x 10in x 3.25in high
16in x 16in x 3.25in high 

octagonal-cp-tray         Octagonal (silver, black or white) 
9in x 9in x 3.25in high

21x21-acrylic-tray   Round 10 in plastic tray

Ice Bowl Base

Each ice bowl base includes a Styrofoam riser / reservoir, white skirting, light, acrylic ice bowl insert.


Acrylic Cubes

Perfect for food containers (i.e. ice cream).


4in x 4in x 4in cube

           6in x 6in x 6in cube

Acrylic Liners

Used as a liner to prevent the food touching ice.
Sizes vary depending on the ice tray.