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Ice Decor

It’s the look that matters – whether or not it’s large or small, complete room settings or individual place settings - custom ice décor is the element that brings everything together and is guaranteed to create lasting memories.

A sophisticated corporate event, a themed look or a functional design for food and drink, ice creates an unforgettable atmosphere. The beauty of ice is that it can be designed to compliment any theme or style and achieve your overall expression or vision.

Iceculture is experienced in delivering on the dreams of our customers and delivering a powerful impact. And it is all done to optimize your budget.

Explore the power of ice as a focal point. Use the beauty of ice to create the theme. Imagine subtle corporate imaging on sleek pillars to frame an entrance, a dramatic beaded curtain to enhance the entrance to an event, individually illuminated table ice candle globes and ice sorbet dishes that add the final touch for the perfect event. 

If major impact is your goal, explore the cool allure of ice with a wide selection of ice décor designs.