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Ice Blocks

How many do you want and when do you want them? We can provide as many as you want. And we have all different kinds – the crystal clear Clinebell block, the feathered traditional block (either tapered of squared), solid color blocks, and they can be trimmed to whatever width and length you require. Our blocks are individually boxed, as well. We have in excess of 10,000 sq ft of freezer storage space to ensure we have adequate inventories.  

Clinebell Ice Block Ice Block Production Feathered Ice
Coloured Ice Block

Top quality Clinebell blocks are scrutinized at harvest and are skidded, eight to a pallet for storage and transportation. For export, blocks are packaged 10 to a skid.

Road transport is limited to loads of 160 blocks in most areas of North America, although weight limits do apply in some Provinces and States. Freezer containers for international shipments can carry 180 blocks. 

Look to Iceculture for other ice products – shard ice is packaged in 80 to 100 lb boxes and is ideal for bulk cooling beverages, and 12 Kg bags of cubed or shaved ice is available for drinks and buffets, respectively.

Shard Ice Crushed Ice Shaved Ice Cubed Ice