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Few community events reflect the winter season as well as a winter festival. And many times, it gives a boost to the local economy when things are generally quiet.

Count on Iceculture to create a successful community event, with more exciting ideas than you could ever imagine!

Iceculture participates in more than twenty winter festivals each year and has many years experience combining skill, service and team spirit to help winter carnival volunteer committees, businesses, government groups and sponsors create a top notch ice festival experience.

Our team of trained ice professionals work with event organizers to develop a complete program to suit the available budget.

We know people like to participate in events, not simply watch them and our program elements include interactive activities (link to interactive activities), carving demonstrations (link to carving demos), sponsor logo sculptures (link to logos), large themed sculptures (link to sculptures), ice bars and lounges (link to ice bars), lumieres and more!

If you want an exciting winter festival, turn to Iceculture.

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