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Food Display

Ice sculptures can make good food look great! A lavish buffet - with desserts presented on ice trays, seafood in ice clam shells, fruit arranged on a tiered platter, sushi dishes set into an ice wall or placed on ice pedestals, and ice cream served in large ice cubes at varying heights - is nothing short of spectacular. 

Go a stage further and serve individual servings of food on ice plates or ice bowls, and offer beverages in ice glasses.

When Chefs and Iceculture combine their talents, the result is an eye-catching display for any occasion – wedding, bar and bat mitzvah, corporate dinner, conference banquet or home party.

You can also create your own food display with Iceculture’s Chef’s Choice Design-It-Yourself program, which gives you many economical ice design options. Custom designs can also be presented, so you can develop your own vision.