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Iceculture was founded as a family business by Julian and Ann Bayley, and this family culture has been nurtured since the company’s inception, through Sam, Heidi and Christine as well as the entire staff of 15 full time employees. Employee enthusiasm is the heart and soul of Iceculture’s mission. Without it, trying to be professional just won’t happen. Over the years, we have established five divisions in the company and each is committed to developing customer relationships.

In the plant, a staff of five is responsible for producing the crystal clear blocks and they harvest up to 100 blocks a day. Each block is inspected for flaws and graded accordingly.

Few companies have a full-time design department. There are three talented designers who work their magic at Iceculture. Creativity and innovation are a prerequisite to being a market leader and we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality product that measures up to the standards we set.

A studio team of six creates all Iceculture sculptures. CNC programmers and operators, sculptors and packaging personnel deal with every design and always set the sculpture up in the studio for quality control and check detail, stability and so on before each sculpture is packed carefully for shipping.

Building strong customer relationships leads to product sales. Iceculture’s customer service team works closely with new and established customers and explains how ice can be used effectively to create spectacular events. Service means more than simply taking orders – it involves educating and helping customers make the most of their event while addressing all the necessary details to make it a successful experience.

A fully-trained team of four comprises the Iceculture Event Team and their focus is on the preparation and installation of orders for delivery and set up. Iceculture is one of the very few ice companies that has a formal training plan for delivery staff and this enables the company to take on events in different cities across North America at the same time. The highest quality product is only 50 % of the package and the most beautiful sculpture is irrelevant if it doesn’t get to the event on time and in one piece. It is this type of service which gives customers confidence.