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Corporate Branding

A precisely cut, 100 % accurate version of your corporate logo or mascot in ice showcases your brand for sponsorship recognition at product launches, meetings, trade shows and other important corporate events and will make a big impact on all those who see it.

Logos can be produced in any size meticulously and can be etched into the ice with our long-lasting snow-fill technique, or replicated as a sculpted 3-D version. Adding accurate color to the logo creates even more impact. Logos can also be incorporated into an ice bar or food display.

Consider freezing a product into the ice for another unique method of presenting a brand, and Iceculture has developed a highly successful way of suspending ice sculptures for a unique presentation.

Ice can be used to support national promotional programs, as well. Consider an ice replica of a liquor bottle featuring a full color company logo. Certain brands have their own bottle style and Iceculture can reproduce them all with absolute accuracy. The ice bottle can be used as an accessory to a display or made into a luge for more functional purposes. 

Effective corporate branding inspires pride and loyalty and leaves an indelible impression.