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Carving Tools & Equipment for the Ice Industry

Carving Tools & Bits

Iceculture is continually experimenting with new bits to create different finishes on ice. The company has also developed new cutting bits for the CNC router, ranging up to 14 in long.

  • Wing bit 2" for candle hole
  • Wing bit 3" for beer and ice wine bottle
  • Wing bit 3.5" for wine bottle
  • Wing bit 4" for champagne bottle
  • T Scribes
  • Nail Disc attachment for angle grinder
  • 7/8" End Mill 9 1/2" flute 12" OA
  • 1/8" End Mill 1" flute 2 7/8" OA
  • 1/8" End Mill 1.25" flute 3.25" OA
  • 1/8" End Mill 1.5" flute 3 5/8" OA
  • 1/4" End Mill 1.75" flute 3.5" OA
  • 1/4" End Mill 3.25" flute 5.5" OA 
  • 3/32" End Mill 3/4" flute 2 7/8" OA
  • 3/16" End Mill 1.25" flute 3.25" OA


Bit Sharpening
Sharpening bits is a challenge and special care has to be taken to maintain perfect cutting edges. Balance too, is key especially with longer and larger diameter bits. All bits sent to Iceculture for re-sharpening are re-balanced.


Tools & Equipment for the Ice Industry

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Miter Saw

                 Squaring tapered blocks, slicing slabs and cutting angles accurately for display backdrops, ice walls etc, can all be carried out quickly and easily with the Iceculture miter saw. Blocks can be trimmed or angle cut in the horizontal or vertical position. A Spring-loaded quick-release pin secures the saw at the desired angle. The saw, an electric Husqvarna in-line unit fitted with an Australian-made, 25in cutter bar is held firmly in a heavy-duty frame which helps in the cutting process when slicing ice.


Four-Wheel Steer Cart

      A four-wheel-steer cart to transport table centerpieces makes for quick and efficient set-up at functions. Centerpieces are loaded on to the cart at the plant - 32 to 36 pieces at a time - and the cart is transported to the site. Once off-loaded, the cart is taken to the function room and the four-wheel steer feature enables it to be maneuvered around tables, easily. A space for dry ice is built into the top and for transport, insulated blankets are wrapped around the cart. For moving sculptures and ice bars, a flatbed version of the four-wheel-steer trolley is also available.


Two-Wheel Dolly

      This ergonomically designed dolly enables a 300lb block or an ice sculpture to be handled and moved, easily. It is especially valuable when moving blocks over curbs or upstairs and for traansporting blocks at outdoor events where the terrain is rough or snow covered.



         Iceculture offers two sizes of hand-operated lift, a small, folding unit, which can lift 350lbs to a height of 7ft, and a larger unit, which has a capacity of 650lbs and reaches a height of 15ft. The small lift, known as the Carver's Friend weighs only 91lbs and dismantles quickly to 33.5in x 27in x 16in. It fits neatly into a delivery van.