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Posted by Prachi Nakhwal on September 18, 2012

I was part of talented team of artists and designers- a collection of different nationalities who have blended well together and developed a culture that serves the wedding, hospitality and special event industries.

A long, hot summer in an industry surrounded by ice would be most people’s dream and so it was for me. I was welcomed as member of the team and was excited to have the opportunity of being involved with such a group of individuals who had created such an interesting working environment.

 My role at Iceculture was to manage social media promotion- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. I also looked after ordering system and photo filing

As a newcomer to the Ice business, I was able to make observations which I found very interesting. First, was the friendly environment. It is difficult in a creative business with tight deadlines to keep a happy atmosphere, but it was.

Secondly, a strong work ethic prevails throughout the company and when there is work to be done, everyone pitches in. Much of the work takes in weekends and everyone takes their turn to cover projects.

Thirdly, I had the opportunity of learning from everyone- even ice carving which I found more difficult that I expected but it gave me a greater appreciation of the work the ice carvers produce.

 Finally, being able to talk to family members one-on-one and to better understand various aspects of the business was something I appreciated, and my thanks go out especially to Heidi Bayley, the President of the company and Sam Bayley, Vice-President of Operations who spent time with me.

 As a general observation I would like to say that Iceculture is great example of a company with a competent, loyal, capable and intelligent staff that works as a team.

After I graduate, I would very much like to come back to Iceculture and learn more about a fascinating industry. I will miss everyone when I will return to University but the time has come for me to say goodbye and sharpen focus on my education.

Thank you all for the experience.

Iceculture, you rock!


13 Jan 2014

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Ice Internship

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