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Over fifteen years ago, a California-based liquor distributor found it worthwhile to contact a small family-owned company in Canada for its North American-wide ice requirements. Why? And even in the tough economy of today still chooses to operate this way. Why?

Customers across Canada, United States, India, Thailand, Dubai, Spain and Portugal have turned to Iceculture to handle major ice construction projects. Why?

NASA called on Iceculture to produce sensitive ice components for the Return-to-flight program of the shuttle. Why?

Hensall, Ontario is not exactly the hub of industry in North America, but time after time, customers contact this progressive company based in a small town in the heart of southwestern Ontario.

And here is the secret – passion, dedication, pride, commitment. To be successful in national and international markets, Iceculture has had to pay careful attention to every aspect of business – management, sales, creative design, production, the logistics of delivery and set-up and most of all, customer service - the company has to excel in every department. And the way it is done is to have well-trained, caring and dedicated teams who fully understand their role and can execute it professionally.  

Through twenty-eight years of technical innovation and creative design, the company has become a recognized leader in both the ice and special event industries worldwide, and many of the products and systems developed by the company are now used by carvers everywhere.

Whether a single block crystal clear ice sculpture for a wedding in Toronto or a multi-block design overseas, each order is scrutinized and a flow chart is laid out outlining every stage the project goes through from start to set-up. You don’t lead an industry by overlooking these important details.       

Listening to our customers’ needs and providing the desired level of service - whether it is a quick & easy ordering experience or to guide them through a wide range of sculpture designs, helping to maximize their budget, addressing concerns about lasting time for a sculpture and then arranging a prompt delivery are all part of the package.

Maintaining Iceculture’s position and reputation as an innovator in the marketplace is another key ingredient in the success formula and the on-going development of new and exciting ice designs, such as the beaded ice curtain, chandelier and colored ice portraits are a priority.

More than 25 countries have used the company’s ice products and more than 50 have acquired specialized machinery and equipment from Iceculture. Every year, the company processes orders for sculptures for events all over Canada, the US and overseas with an aim to meet or exceed client expectations.

Iceculture is all about a high quality ice sculpture product, but it delivers much more – fine design, prompt deliveries, professional set-up crews and above all, confidence. 

Family-owned and operated with a staff of 15 committed to providing high quality products and backed by superior service, Iceculture has earned its place as one of the major players in the ice carving industry and is one of the very few that can confidently tackle projects anywhere in the world.

We welcome you to EXPLORE ICE with Iceculture!


Julian Bayley and Ice Sheet  
Julian Bayley, founder of Iceculture


  • To exceed the expectations of our clients by providing personalized service and innovative ice products of exceptional quality. Iceculture is recognized worldwide as the leading authority in the industry and our emphasis on continual improvement will help us be the best in everything we do.



Heidi and Julian Bayley  
Heidi and her father, Julian Bayley


  • develop and produce, high quality, specialty ice products and  new technology
  • attentively provide professional, reliable customer service
  • foster a professional, respectful and  supportive team-oriented workplace environment
  • nurture customer relationships and develop new business within the ice industry
  • promote innovation by providing continuous employee education and self-development